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About us

Senticode was founded in 2018 by a group of developers. We are developing custom software and our own products with improve User Interfaces. Our main specialization is cross-platform development for .net, including desktop applications for Windows, server applications for Windows and Linux, and mobile applications for Xamarin Forms. In addition, the company possesses a competence in Machine Learning and Media Streaming.


Interactive development
of desktop applications for Windows.


Cross-platform development
of mobile applications (iOS, Android).


Web applications development:
from small sites to large portals.

Mobile applications for iOS and Android

You can create a mobile application for your business that can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market.

Windows applications

You can create a Windows application for your business.

Linux applications

You can also create a Linux application for your business.

IoT applications

You can combine your real (security cameras, kettle, smart watches, etc.) and virtual devices into one single network and remotely control them simply using your smartphone.

Our development process

We use a systemic approach in the course of our work. The process of software products development is strictly regulated, divided into stages. A certain procedure is performed at each stage.

1. Development

Version control systems

We use Git and TFS for source code versioning. Our development history is an integral part of the product source code. Depending on the size of the project, we select the appropriate flow and strictly adhere to it within a separate team.

Code quality control

We have a special approach to the end product quality. Both at the code level and at the level of architectural solutions. Therefore, to ensure a high level of quality, each change is accompanied by a code review, and the entire code base is constantly monitored using Sonarqube.

Custom frameworks

To speed up the product development process, we re-apply the best solutions obtained with experience. We use our own micro frameworks for solving sample problems in the context of architecture, monitoring, logging, error handling, etc.

2. Testing

Unit testing

Unit testing is an integral part of our development process. However, we don’t write tests for the sake of tests. We create a strict, concise, easily maintainable system that ensures the end product quality during long-term development.

Integration testing

We use integration testing consistently for the development of multicomponent systems. This allows, without significant risk, to work separately on individual components of the system and to be confident in the entire system availability.

Scenario UI Testing

We use platform independent user interface tests. Therefore, we use Appium and Specflow binding, which allows us to describe testing scenarios available for an ordinary person (customer representative), and to test any types of applications on any platform..

3. Continuous Integration

Automatic build

We use Jenkins for automatic builds of our products. Basic operations are fully automated. Collected artifacts are saved. The configuration is stored in the form of a code, which makes it possible to version it and quickly reproduce it.

Automated Tests

All tests must be run after any product version build. In case of failed tests, the build is blocked; this forces the team to fix all problems that have arisen. All reports, along with coverage measures, are retained for retrospective analysis.

Automatic analysis

Each build is accompanied by static code analysis with specialized tools; the results are sent to Sonarqube. The latter allows to track the dynamics of the code quality and to respond in a timely manner to emerging problems.


You can contact us in any way convenient for you or visit our office.

How to get there

Our office is located near Kuncauscyna metro station.


Our address:
220018, Minsk, Odoyevskogo str., 131, office 302/1

Tel: +375 17 215 09 29

MTS: +375 33 344 88 50


Telegram: @Senticode

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